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Donate leftover building supplies to Habitat for Humanity's Re Stores.38. Send computers to more than 50 developing countries.41.Technology and training for the disabled and disadvantaged.39. Recycled footwear materials become sports and playground surfaces.42. Yogurt containers become colorful plates, flatware, toothbrushes, and razors.50.Attend nationwide clothing exchanges and do-it-yourself alteration workshops.11.Watch as a pile of your favorite old T-shirts is converted into a quilt.12.Opt out of mailing and telemarketing lists by logging on to 82.Search for phone numbers online instead of storing bulky Yellow and White Pages volumes.83.

Around 23 percent of people pay late fees on bills they cannot find.54. Trade the DVDs you've seen for the ones you haven't.62. formal wear to teenage girls who need help getting to the prom.27. Ship shoes and sportswear to struggling athletes around the world.29. & Send eyewear to men and women in underdeveloped countries.31.Convert American Express credit card points to cash donations.32.Throw out mascara and moisturizer after three months.72.Discard foundation and sunscreen after six months to a year.73.

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