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Update: Top 10 best dating apps in India – 2017To help the ‘inder is inarguably one of the world’s most famous dating app.It came from nowhere and dominated the whole world.You enter a lot more data into Ok Cupid than you do Tinder.Founded in 1995, could be considered the origonal dating site.They send you possible matches everyday at noon, but you aren’t limited to finding the right someone just during your lunch hour.From the photos in the i OS app store, it seems to be a combination of tinder and Hinge, you have the option to “like” or “pass” on potential mates, but you only have a week to chat in the app before the match “expires.” I personally don’t think I would use this app just because I spent almost a month talking to my now boyfriend on Tinder and Tinder only before I gave him my number and decided to meet him.I was on a swipe left rampage and almost swiped left on my now boyfriend, but, thankfully, I caught myself before I let go and BING it was a match. One thing I don’t like about the app is that you get a DOWN Score, which compares you to everyone else on the app.My best friend also met her current boyfriend of almost a year on Tinder as well. You can only message if there is a mutual “like” between two people in a certain area.

Online dating has become more and more popular and there are so many new online dating apps to choose from! I met my current boyfriend on Tinder and I am okay with that because he is PERFECT for me. Always meet them in person for the first and second time in a very public place.

This feminine app is open to lesbians, bisexual women, or bicurious women.

The app has been completely revamped and ha now a more social network experience with news, blogs and upcoming queer and lesbian events. If I were back in the dating game I would most likely download this app.

Hinge claims to help users connect through friends of friends (using facebook). By the looks of the photos included in the i OS app store, your first name is displayed along with your age, where you work, where you went to college, and what town you are in, along with a short bio.

This seems like a pretty legit app just because the conversation starter is given to you, “how do you know (insert mutual friend).” There is a downside to this app however: you will eventually run out of matches in the select pool of friends of friends.

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