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If a partnership agreement provides for allocating an item of income, gain, loss, deduction, or credit to a partner, there are three ways in which the allocation can have economic effect under the Code and regulations.9 First, an allocation will have economic effect if the allocation satisfies three strict requirements discussed below under the basic test for economic effect.Under this new method, a partnership liquidates not in accordance with partner capital accounts but, instead, in accordance with a negotiated distribution waterfall that reflects exactly the partners’ economic deal.A “distribution waterfall” is just what the name implies.

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Next, it discusses the rules governing targeted allocations and reasons for the use of targeted allocations.First, capital accounts must be maintained in accordance with the regulatory requirements.Second, partnership liquidating distributions are required to be made “in all cases” in accordance with the partners’ positive capital account balances (after taking into account all adjustments, if any, for the partnership tax year during which the liquidation occurs).If so, it is crucial that the drafter make clear that an oral partnership agreement has been entered into effective as of formation and that the agreement previously entered into is now being memorialized in writing.11 Alternate test for economic effect: Many state law entities taxed as partnerships for U. federal tax purposes afford their owners limited liability.

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