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The cumulatively bad score leaves Fremont as a relatively dim city.

Population: 7,279 Adults Without High School Diploma: 10.9% Teenage High School Dropouts: 5.5% Another city located in the eastern part of the state, Nebraska City is located on the western bank of the Missouri River.

Population: 24,532 Adults Without High School Diploma: 9.9% Teenage High School Dropouts: 5.1% A railroad town in the southwestern portion of Nebraska, North Platte is actually way ahead of the state average in terms of educated adults – about 3% more adults have their GEDs in North Platte than the rest of Nebraska.

But the city does have a problem with keeping teenagers in high school; with 5.1% of teens dropping out each year, North Platte has the fifth highest dropout rate in the state, and more than doubles the state average.

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Population: 435,454 Adults Without High School Diploma: 12.2% Teenage High School Dropouts: 4.0% Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska, but, unfortunately, it’s also the fifth dumbest city in the state.

The only thing that saves Crete from a higher position on this list is its middle-of-the-pack teenage high school dropout rate, which is actually 0.2% lower than the state average.

Population: 10,189 Adults Without High School Diploma: 45.2% Teenage High School Dropouts: 1.6% Located along U. Route 30 and the Union Pacific Railroad, Lexington ranks as the seventh dumbest city overall in Nebraska.

Population: 6,195 Adults Without High School Diploma: 45.4% Teenage High School Dropouts: 0.0% Schuyler’s a funny city to measure in terms of intelligence – it’s adult population is the least educated in the state, but it’s current dropout rate is really good.

45.4% of residents over the age of 25 in Schuyler lack a high school diploma, which is between three and four times worse than the state average.

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