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The rest of us didn’t fancy the hill up to the village so continued on. I couldn’t wait to see who would make it to Gweek first.

We kept encountering a couple of BT men bringing Super Fast Broadband to the area.

It was the Christmas outing for the local carriage club and we had to manoeuvre around some delightful little ponies and a very lovely shire horse, all decorated for Christmas, before we could continue through to edge of the Estate.

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Of course it was on the rear wheel and Robin was a bit confused as to how to get the wheel off as it had Shimano gears on his chosen bike for the day.As we left the pub to head home in the rain a favourite club saying sprang to mind, the one about "you never regret going", A quick ride home Mileage for us 40 miles. Paula gave a shout of Porthleven which we all gave the thumbs up to with Helston Boating lake being the bale out café if the weather turned.We headed towards Gweek but just before Treverva Sonjia and Sheila decided to take a left going via Constantine to Gweek.In spite of the heavy rain overnight there was less flooding than I expected but lots of debris on the roads. Dean This year boxing day was on the 26th of December which coincided with a Tuesday.This being such a good turn out for a festive ride was envisaged, however this was not the case o.k. it was windyish and well maybe a trifle on the cold side but hey it is December.

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