Adult chat room in jakarta

The other option you have, which is the cheapest option is to use the Damri bus, which will cost Rp.40,000 (please see picture at the end of the article). Don’t worry, I will explain (hopefully everything that you need to know). No idea how to get from Jakarta airport to city without getting scammed?There’s some more articles below about Jakarta you might find useful. And if you need more information about Indonesia just use the search box or pick the topic from the menu at the top (we’ve got hundreds of useful articles about the country). Need inspiration where to go after stoping for a while in Jakarta? Before starting to explore the city, it's important you have some idea of where the party places are in Jakarta so you won't lose time going from one place to another.

If you come to Jakarta from outside Indonesia, you will arrive in Terminal 2 or 3 of Soekarno Hatta Airport (The airport’s IATA code, CGK, originates from Cengkareng, a district northwest of the city, and it is often called Cengkareng Airport by Indonesians, although the airport is administratively located within Tangerang).I think the last Damri bus to Jakarta is around 11 pm.You want to take the one that going to Gambir (Gambir is a train station). The ones in terminal 1 and 2 are large, but the station in terminal 3 is tiny (it’s just a load of seats and a table, behind which sits an employee selling tickets).The first option is to go by taxi, which will cost you around Rp. You can easily spot the taxi counter outside the airport building.By the way, if you are a group of 4, I would suggest to take a taxi rather than a bus.

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