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This month, we’re excited to announce the winner of the Moose Knuckles & Jacuzzi Magazine Sunshine Girl Search, our favorite internet crush, Giulia Marsico.

Giulia, aka @scientwehst, has began making her “brazenly feminine digital collages” for about two years ago and has since been popping up all over the inter-webs.

They quickly divert the question back to me where I rattle off a list of the hobbies I enjoy. With only 20 hours its best to choose popular hobbies you can do in parallel.

However, if most people took the time to think about it they would realize they have several hobbies; most of which are located on our 50 Most Popular Hobbies list. For instance you could pack up the family and take them camping.

Every third couple in a chat meets for real, so hurry up and have a nice bite of the sex-pie right now!Apart from being silly off screen, Chantelle is a multi-talented woman, and always has a lot on the go.She is currently working for L’Intervalle, heading their social media department, while modelling for multiple brands worldwide. She’s also a full-time student, taking a program in communications.At the campsite you could swim, fish, read ghost stories, go hunting for dinner (since you didn’t catch any fish), cook up your fresh squirrel, and take a quick hike before it gets to dark.Around the campfire you could play some music and get some much needed sleep.

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