Adult dating withot credits or zip codes

It's also common for prisoners to have serial numbers instead of names.

Note that several languages have numerical names (Japanese and Latin being the most likely to be encountered).

In this case, the kids will be named in order of birth: literally, "Primus", "Secundus", "Tertius", etc.

Bizarrely, this can actually also serve to beings that have never had separate identities before.

If you are a subscribing Member at the time of any change or modification, unless otherwise indicated this Agreement will continue to govern your membership until such time that your subscription renews as contemplated by Section 12.Zoosk may change the terms of this Agreement and any policy or guideline of the Services at any time.When we change the Agreement, we will update the “last revised” date at the top of this page.If you have a race of robots or drones that become sentient, they may adopt their numbers as their actual names (à la R2-D2 and C-3PO). See also: Numerical Theme Naming, Seven Is Nana, Goroawase Number.For replacing an entire area's name with a number, see Airstrip One.

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