Adult film industry in chattanoogatennessee

Mickey Vaughn worked as a mechanic in Chattanooga for more than 10 years before he built his own shop near the boulevard in 1984.

So you could eat and impress your date for less than a dollar." In the 1960s, plants began to close. in 1967 destroyed or damaged 11 businesses and threw at least 1,400 people out of work.

The car lots that anchored the area moved to Highway 153, and local restaurants failed and closed.

Now adult-themed businesses and rundown bars line the Chattanooga side of the boulevard.

For almost 2.5 miles, fast-food restaurants and used-car lots rub against pawn shops, tattoo parlors and a couple of adult bookstores.

Some businesses are surrounded by 10-foot chain-link fences topped by razor wire, like a prison.

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