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We get Insanely Mental with an Underground Instrumental, and we find out what happens when you mix bluegrass with thrash metal to create a folkie Frankenstein’s monster!

All that, and Stories Behind two Songs recorded just for us by the people who wrote them.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Silence Of The Chickens On this edition of Folk Cast we’ve got a hold full of songs about the sea! There’s a song by a Victorian postman, and there’s a song about a Victorian miner.

Story Behind The Song: No Sing, presented by Chris Tye Run, presented by Roxanne de Bastion Insanely Mental Instrumental: Dis Found Harmonium A whale of a show!

We meet a British naval hero who wasn’t Lord Nelson; hear topical songs about tragedies averted; and play songs that put the “FUN” into funeral.

We’ll celebrate All Hallow’s Eve and Bonfire Night, and join Thanksgiving. Music by: Merry Hell - Broom Bezzums - The Gathering Tide - Nigel Brown - Jake Thomas Turnbull - Kaela Rowan - Ross & Ali - Dana & Susan Robinson - Hannah James - Na-Ma Ra - Hugh Doolan - New Road - Kieran Towers & Charlotte Carrivick - The Changing Room Story Behind The Song: The Silver Duro (Basque Child Refugees - Spanish Civil War) Out of the tangled mess of politics and world events we present an entertaining mix of music and chat.

So come on, bring a basket and we’ll gather the season’s bounty in song! There's a focus on 'folk concept albums' and 'folk-influenced projects'.

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