Akiteng dating your ex dating violence sexual assault

How do you even know if your ex wants you back or not?Each relationship is different, and should be looked at on case by case basis.Your emotions will go up and down (and all over the place) depending on how the other person chooses to react or respond. 3) The power of any mind game lies in the other person not being aware of how and when they’re being played If you know that your ex is playing mind games with you, the best antidote to mind games is to tell him/her that you know what he/she is trying to do/is up to, you do not like it, do not approve of it and will not encourage it.A person who truly values a relationship with you (and is mature/emotionally healthy enough to be in a relationship with you) will feel bad and stop the mind games.The other type will just try and find another mind game to play, or give up and move on to somebody else.4) Focus on changing yourself, not the other person I said in the beginning of this post that we’re all vulnerable to being manipulated and being manipulative.However, some people are more vulnerable than others.A client asked me the other day, “What would you do if your ex was playing mind games?

It could be fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of not finding someone else, feelings of inadequacy etc.Since you can’t change someone else and can only change you, it’s up to you to assert your value by taking away whatever it is that makes you more vulnerable to mind games.5) Mind games never inspire love or create a genuinely loving relationship Mind games players have one and only one motive, and that is to advance their needs, goals, interests or agenda at the expense of the person being played.Most people are intuitive enough to realize when and how they’re being played and walk away, but even where the mind games “succeed”, the relationship will become troubled over time.Your ex is mean to you (and/or angry at you) most of the time Break-ups can bring out the “mean” in even the sweetest of us.But if after two months, your ex still calls you names, talks down to you, publicly ignores you or treats you insensitively, you might want to ask yourself if it’s worth the pain and humiliation.

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