Alumba people dating men and woman

Were you more careful of the men you decided to use on this album because of that connection to your brother, you didn’t want just any feature?

For sure, I think that Brian from the Fisticuffs, he’s like my brother.

” Obviously, I found that I could just write a song or record a song instead of letting myself think about it too much and do something that I would regret.

That’s just been my passion, but the depression has been the hardest part, if you’re not taking medicine to numb yourself then every day you have to work towards feeling better and find different things that keep you out of that type of place.

I find myself through my songs now, instead of letting my feelings consume me.

Some feelings of contemplating death and suicide and going to those really dark places has been something that I’ve always thought about.

As I get older, I work through it in a more productive way.

Grief can be a very scary and ugly process but I feel like you articulated it really well through this project through a few different phases.

Which one was the most difficult for you to get through? When things weren’t going super well for me, I had a lot of time to think and started to feel like “What is the point of any of this?

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