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Taking the initiative is something women always complain men don’t do enough of.Women want you to step up to the plate, have been paying attention, and make a good solid decision.If you’re feeling down because life is too harsh without a man or woman in your life, this will naturally bring others down as well.So learning about yourself and doing what makes you happy goes far beyond dating advice, it’s something that will enrich your whole life as well as those around you! Sometimes the person you desire is already in a relationship.These people also often choose needy people to interact with because they feel better about themselves by giving. Women won’t respect a man who they can walk all over, and without respect there won’t be any chemistry. There’s a guy who’s very generous and good to his friends and family, wonderful father, but for some reason the wife isn’t satisfied and wants to find someone else.Giving only goes so far and if both aren’t giving, then things will fall out of balance.

Remember, leadership (and initiative) is not just about the captain, but the ability of captain and crew to work well together, and have a balanced relationship. The qualities men and women find attractive in each other typically spell out a person who is in a situation to have or find many options, which is the exact opposite of desperate.So, if you want your man to take more initiative, you should be more receptive and supportive to it. So when he leads and doesn’t get things right, you can still let him know you had a good time, while making sure he knows what you like and would want to try in the future. When a leader, and those they lead are in constant communication, they are well aware of each other’s needs.This allows the captain to make well informed choices, and also allows the crew to support him even when his choices are not perfect.But, eventually he’s going to say, “where’s the beef? Give a woman the time to consider the possibility before you step to the plate. It always leaves a great impression when you have a conversation with someone you just met, and the two of you just click.It may not always be best to immediately say how attractive you find a woman, and then ask for her number so you can take her out. This would be an ideal time to ask for a number or some way to contact her so you can get together some time.

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