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"Cover within a cover" If the backstop may not hold up, a spy may revert to this "Inception"-like phrase.In going to his or her cover within a cover, a spy would admit to doing something less serious than espionage, which would hopefully explain away the suspicious activities the spy was observed to be doing.People and regions all around the world have unique phrases and slang that only they would understand, and the intelligence community of spies, analysts, and cryptography specialists is no different.For people working in the shadows of the intelligence community, "illegal" holds a much different meaning than what most view as a violation of law."Oh no sir, I'm just a tourist taking pictures." "Eyewash" Let's say a CIA officer successfully recruits a member of Russia's intelligence service, the FSB.Because both sides have had problems with their files being given away to the other side, the CIA officer may make an "eyewash" entry to protect the new source.These are risky maneuvers, and there are better and safer ways to pass messages, like having a pre-arranged site that is accessed by each side at different times.

Former NSA analyst John Schindler wrote about one such operation recently, in which Cuban intelligence was able to influence The Daily Caller website to publish scandalous allegations that U. Also known as the "brush pass," it's a brief encounter between friendly spies to share a few words or documents.

But it's much harder to spot "ghost surveillance" — the "extremely discreet and seemingly omnipresent" type of surveillance, according to the manual, which watches the target from out of view.

"Spy dust" Also known as Metka, spy dust was a chemical compound used by the Soviet KGB that could be applied to a target to mark that person for surveillance.

It's the spy's version of an alibi if the spy were to be picked up by the bad guys.

If a spy is inside Iran posing as a businessman, then his backstop would be documents, financial records, and a phone number back to his office that would vouch for him, as one example.

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