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When used in the passive (〜される: ~sareru), to get or have been made redundant, downsized (out of a job)the rush of traffic and people, and attendant traffic jams and crowding of transportation facilities, that occurs as everyone returns home after extended holidays, esp.

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It is said that this originated from the restaurant "Imperial Viking" in the Imperial Hotel, which was the first restaurant in Japan to serve buffet-style meals, named after the 1958 American film The image, often used to indicate an artist's rendering or a graphic intended to provide a conceptual image of a situation; especially in advertising and design, a conceptual description intended to conjure a mental image of an abstract situation; (the public's) impression or perception of an of the year (a title given to coaches by Asahi Shimbun and the Japan High School Baseball Federation from 2003-2005; corrected to the Japanese name 育成功労賞 from 2006; now known as the Training Achievement Award)Someone's own.In fact, many such terms, despite their similarity to the original foreign words, are not easily understood by speakers of those languages (e.g.left over as a baseball term for a hit that goes over the left-fielder's head, rather than uneaten food saved for a later meal as in English—or famikon ファミコン from "Family computer", which actually refers to the Nintendo Entertainment System). Ahmet Kaya - Kalsin Benim Davam & Divana Kalsin - 04 - Derdin Ne Senin.mp3 34. Ahmet Kaya - Kalsin Benim Davam & Divana Kalsin - 03 - Kalsin Benim Davam ( Acilin Kapilari ).mp3 33.

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    Consultant behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, who devised the tests, commissioned to celebrate the launch the new Nora Roberts book, The Obsession said: ‘This experiment finally answers the long-debated question about whether to trust your heart or your head, with heart prevailing when choosing the perfect summer read.‘By looking at the difference between conscious enjoyment and sub-conscious enjoyment we have identified “romantic suspense” as the most enjoyable type of literature, keeping readers interested and immersed with elements of surprise, whilst softening any lasting feelings of anxiety with moments of passion and romance.’A psychologist noted volunteers’ body language responses including blink rate, fidgeting, sitting position and facial expression.

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