Angeleyes cam updating maps for gps c230

Thank you PS: As you can all see the system i set up above doesn't really need any DVR/NVR for it to work.The only reason the DVR is there is because IP cameras or the router won't have any way to display the camera feed/stream to his TV.about the android, i just need to set it to lower fps from 15 to 8fps. Only thing I can tell you is, use the mobile program that comes on the CD included with the unit.Do not download it from Google Play/App Store, try it with the one that comes with the unit. I have tried some of these cheap units, and sometimes the time I have to investo to get mobile viewing working is more than the cost of the unit.I can view the camera feeds/streaming and can configure the settings in them The DVR- Made some settings so it accept input from the IP cameras- Default IP is (not changed)- Default Mobile view port 34599 (not changed)- Default HTTP port 80 (not changed)- Default Web port 34567 (not changed)HDMI connected to TVLAN port connected to the router I can see all camera feed from the TV, and can go to it with the computer by internet browser locally to 192.168.1., and accessing it with it's own software (CMS 3) which is using port 34567.

Let me tell you that the DVR has 2 working modes in it.

As for my experience the bold 9700 was the ONLY blackberry with OUT any issues to be able to view via mobile.

9780 had resulution issue can view full image but cant see program buttons, so yer stuck on cam 1.

I tried accessing the DVR software view via the CMS (using port 34567), checked Tried to access the DVR with firefox/chrome (forwarded port 12345 to DVR port 80), checked Now when i tried to view using my android and blackberry cellphone (port 34599), it just stuck with a black background.

I use Vmeye and Meye software which is recomended by the DVR User Manual to view with android and blackberry devices.

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