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The legendary accounts of the holy priest Xuanzang were described in the famous novel Journey to the West, which envisaged trials of the journey with demons but with the help of various disciples. E., Merchants played a large role in the spread of religion, in particular Buddhism.

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These translations from Lokakṣema continue to give insight into the early period of Mahāyāna Buddhism.He left along the Silk Road, stayed six years in India, and then returned by the sea route.Xuanzang (629–644) and Hyecho traveled from Korea to India.The powerful Greco-Bactrian Kingdoms (250 BC-125 BC) in Afghanistan and the later Indo-Greek Kingdoms (180 BC - 10 CE) practiced Greco-Buddhism and formed the first stop on the Silk Road, after China, for nearly 300 years.See Dayuan (Ta-yuan; Chinese: ; literarily "Great Ionians").

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