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Despite that, the Maemo community continued to be active, and in late 2012 Nokia began transferring Maemo ownership to the Hildon Foundation, which was replaced by a German association Maemo Community e. The interface uses either the touch screen, or a directional pad and select button, with separate back, menu, and home buttons.It is capable of receiving text input through handwriting recognition, two different sizes of on-screen keyboard and hardware keyboard input with the N810.Maemo comes with a number of built-in applications, but additional applications can be installed from a number of sources, including various official and community software repositories, and deb files through either the built-in package manager "Application manager", or the Advanced Packaging Tool and dpkg.Bundled applications include the Mozilla-based Micro B browser, Macromedia Flash player, Gizmo5, and Skype.Data can be synchronized with a PC via a USB connection, and the user's files can be accessed using the standard Removable Storage Device protocol. The new version mostly consists of security updates.This is considered to be the final official update to Maemo 5/Fremantle shipped by Nokia.The platform comprises both the Maemo operating system and SDK.

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At the Mobile World Congress in February 2010, it was announced that the Maemo project would be merging with Moblin to create the Mee Go mobile software platform.The dashboard is accessed via the upper left icon and shows all the running applications, in a manner similar to the Exposé feature in Apple's Mac OS X operating system.From the dashboard, running applications can be brought back to full screen by tapping the preview window, and applications can be closed by tapping an X-symbol located in the top right corner of the preview window, similar to the concept of closing applications in other operating systems.Maemo provides the Mozilla-based Micro B web-browser with complete Adobe Flash support.It supports an 800×480 display resolution, so some web pages can be viewed without horizontal scrolling.

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