Attraction magnets 12 best conversation topics for dating and pickup

Translation: “Yes, I love this person like an appliance, when they do what I want them to”.

Being on the receiving end of narcissistic love can make us feel like we need to try harder.

We can’t have a truly loving relationship with a narcissist, no matter how hard we try, there is just nothing to deeply connect to.

Trying harder is not going to unlock the magic door to their unavailable heart.

Narcissists treat others like appliances, because that is as far as their own level of awareness about themselves goes.

They are unavailable to us, because – in a deeper way – they are unavailable to themselves.

For many reasons, that deeper connection to self can be absent.

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Yet if you ask a narcissist whether they love someone, they might well say “yes”.That’s the point when we tend to talk to our machines ().It’s also the point where our conditional love is apparent.This dream can be so strong (and beautiful) that it becomes something that we come to superimpose on the true narcissist.Every little positive spark of something nice they said or did, enforces the “truth” of that dream.

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