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Although LEIUs – or “Red Squads” – have existed in America since the late 1800s, the private national network of such intelligence units that was quietly formed in the 1950s had remained – and still remains – mostly unknown to the general public.

The LEIU is, in effect, a huge, private domestic-intelligence agency.” article published in September 1979 under the headline “FBI Admits Spreading Lies About Jean Seberg” was the lead story on the paper’s front page.The latter presumably exploit findings from studies such as the notorious MKUltra experiments conducted on American and Canadian citizens by the CIA, as well as the aforementioned psychological torture tactics refined by the Stasi.In fact, as explained in the overview below, former CIA analyst and expert on the history of U. spying, George O’Toole wrote about a connection between the CIA and the aforementioned LEIUs.Perpetrators use common annoyances such as constant noise by neighbors or rude comments and abusive behavior by strangers, but on a frequent ongoing long-term basis.The cumulative effects of relentless exposure to such tactics can amount to psychological torture for the victim.

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