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If you go back and listen to a CD, or an album, or watch a special, whatever I am talking about is a snapshot of where I was in life.In the beginning, it was material about dating, then it was about being a newlywed, then it was about having a kid on the way and being a dad, so there’s an audience there and we’ve grown up together.”In this interview, Foxworthy also talks about where ideas come from, why he is still touring after 30 years, the most redneck thing he does, and more.You learn, “If I do this, I can enhance that.” It is like the joke about Captain Crunch cereal.

And sometimes I think, “This is kind of dumb,” and people are beating the tables. If you asked me, “Pick the four jokes that work the best,” I would be wrong half the time. Bob Newhart said to me, “You’re an observer,” so we are like little magpies and when we see something shiny, we fly over and get it and put it in our back pocket. Even that bit about picking up dog poop, just started because somebody made a comment about their kids never get off the couch playing video games. We played in the yard and everyday somebody stepped in dog poop,” and everybody laughed.

His wife, Susan Pearson is a stay-at-home mom determined to keep her family in line.

Bill Engvall is best known for his "Here's Your Sign" bit, or maybe for co-creating the sitcom that Jennifer Lawrence was on before she was a star.

Then since they haven’t had one, I feel an obligation. ” I said, “Because I love doing it.” She said, “Other people retire after 30 years.” I make people laugh, I make their day.

Then it’s my job to paint a better picture that everybody can identify with. I like my wife a lot, which is probably why I’ve been married for 31 years. They come up and go, “I needed that.” How could you not like that job? I would drive my wife crazy if I didn’t do this and I was around the house all the time. I always worried from the beginning, I didn’t want to stay too long.

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