Bissix dating

Her father, Liam (Francis Magee) was abusive towards Debbie, which led to them separating.Liam follows them to Walford and tries everything possible to break Nigel and Debbie up.

When Julie gets a job in Scotland, Nigel and Clare decide to join her and Josh, leaving Walford in April 1998.Nigel fights Liam for Clare and wins after Liam is forced to withdraw his case as his girlfriend admits in court that Liam has been violent towards her.Clare is friendly with the other young girls in Walford, Janine Butcher (Alexia Demetriou) and Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy).They cause trouble for the barber Felix Kawalski (Harry Landis) in November 1995, when they spread rumours that he is a pervert who has murdered his wife, and keeps her mutilated body in his cellar.Clare breaks into Felix's barber shop one evening to find the body but she trips on the cellar stairs and is knocked unconscious.

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