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Turkish women stage a protest in Ankara, Turkey, Nov.19, 2016, after a debate flared in Turkey after a government proposal which would pardon some people imprisoned for statutory rape, fell short of passage by legislators.Opponents of the proposal including lawmakers, dozens of rights groups, women's associations and child NGOs, including the U. children's fund, which told AFP Saturday it was "deeply concerned" over the bill.

“I stayed offline and away from everything,” he tells TIME. Its people are friendly and warm, seemingly able to juggle the ways of the past with the full-speed march of modernization.

The protesters held banners that read "#Rape cannot be legitimized" and "AKP Take Your Hands Off My Body," a reference to the ruling party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which introduced the bill, .

The government said the legislation was aimed at dealing with the widespread custom of child marriages, blaming protesters for distorting the bill's aim.

“I didn’t want to pick up a camera, I just couldn’t bear it." Now working again, Martin writes for Light Box about his relocation to Istanbul, his reevaluated approach to photography and his new project, City of Dreams. On the other hand, it can sometimes feel like a dark, lonely, mysterious place, where a tiny spark of provocation can stir even the most patient and easygoing resident.

Like many other photographers and journalists I moved to Istanbul because its geographic location put us in the heart of a dynamic, multi-layered and intensely visual region, with conflicts like the Syrian Civil War just a one-hour flight away.

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