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What gathers my attention more is that the Raiders not only don't have a healthy passing game either, but their defense is pretty awful.

Sure I trust Marshawn Lynch more in a ground game battle, but not by 8.5 points. Minnesota 2.5 Atlanta (4.5 Stars) **WIN** The Falcons are clicking but they might not even have the better offense on the field, and they definitely do not have the better defense.

The numbers don't scream "Bengals" but I think when you take into account how these teams are playing, this one can be a blowout. Add to that the Jaguars are great at harassing opponents Qb, I don't think they'll continue to play as well as they did against the Eagles - who frankly had an off night. Even with both defenses being excellent, I bet the NFL would love for this to be a shootout and my gut tells me it will be just that. NY Giants 8.5 Oakland (5 Stars GOW) **WIN** So Eli has been benched, boo-hoo boo-hoo.

Frankly, I'm not going to fret over a Qb change on one of the league's worst offenses.

I not only believe this will be a competitive fight, but I think the Texans may even walk out with a "W". NY Jets 3 KC (3 Stars) **WIN** The Chiefs continue to reel into madness when they fell short in a late comeback bid last week.

Lots of running room for whomever tots the rock for Dallas. Baltimore -7 Cleveland (2 Stars) **WIN** This could be a close game if it weren't for the Browns consistent ability to find a way to implode during every drive. Jacksonville -10.5 Houston (2 Stars) **WIN** Houston is completely outgunned in the air in this one and the Jags figure to be all over the passing game on both ends of it. Indianapolis 2.5 Denver (5 Stars GOW) LOSS I would rate the Colts as slightly better than the Broncos both on offense AND defense.

Cowboy get the big plays and avoid the negative ones. Minnesota -10.5 Cincinnati (3.5 Stars) **WIN** The Purple People Eaters are gonna eat them alive while the Vikings offense moves efficiently like a knife through butter. LA Rams 1 Seattle (3.5 Stars) **WIN** The Rams get another chance to show they can play with the big boys and they'll be harassing Wilson into some critical mistakes. Philadelphia -7 NY Giants (3 Stars) LOSS Nick Foles isn't that bad an option and I don't see how this is a problem against the Giants, whom they should just run completely all over and have uncovered receivers everywhere. The Broncos benefitted last week from a Jets meltdown but I don't hold too much stock in that.

This is the gaudiest statistical mismatch of the week, with massive advantages in both the running and passing game and the Jags all over whomever plays Qb for the Colts these days... Chicago -3.5 SF (2 Stars) LOSS The one thing the Bears can do is RUN and the one thing the 49ers can't stop is RUN. There should be some good pressure on Guerillapolis too on a bunch of 3rd-and-longs. Jacksonville -4.5 Arizona (5 Stars GOW) LOSS While Peterson may play for the Cardinals, it is the Jaguars who look to run wild on Sunday.

Coupled with a slightly more potent passing game and a fierce pass rush to force mistakes to the leagues most dangerous secondary feasting on a young Qb, this one looks like it should be pretty lopsided. Denver 4 Oakland (3.5 Stars) LOSS Everything on the statistical docket looks lopsided towards the Broncos in their matchup with the reeling Raiders.

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