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This impromptu panel of bloggers was full of great ideas and helped me work toward my goal of representing a wider range of feedback.

I hope my thoughts and all of theirs will be helpful in navigating the sometimes tricky waters of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and everything else that’s popped up between the beginning and end of this post.

Delphi Distiller can be located at home page fallowing this link.

I want to start by saying that this topic is the one that scared me the most.

Social media etiquette is the most requested theme I’ve gotten so far but the one I wanted to discuss the least.

Surely a great many people thought it was good joke on the board to suggest even worse names than Robert E. Still, seeing Trump at the top that way ought to give people pause because it won’t be all fun and games if the same thing happens in November.

Watch below as this Austin news anchor runs through the list like a true professional – without laughing once. v=TQg OLh UMQKw Featured Image via You Tube screengrab.

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