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It happened to me once, I drove home 300 miles the same night.The royal ass had to be kissed clean before I even talked to her again… Okay there are only a few situations where us guys have girls as friends.Maybe writing this will convince at least one of you confused guys–who was never schooled on the game–will realize that the crap you are dealing with is not cool.

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I am being dead serious, if she is doing it, she will f— that guy. Is it rocket science that if a man is giving you his time, so much so that he takes a vacation to see you… Come on ladies do not play with my intelligence here, you know what it is, you just like your dick in the glass jar to know where he stands right?Women showed small increases in genital arousal to the nonhuman stimulus and large increases in genital arousal to both human male and female stimuli.Men did not show any genital arousal to the nonhuman stimulus and demonstrated a category-specific pattern of arousal to the human stimuli that corresponded to their stated sexual orientation.if she’s fine and disrespectful then you are a fool for being with her, that’s it.If your girl has a nice ring or necklace that glitters ever so brightly and she never takes it off you may want to get some history out of her. She gives you vague explanations as to who he is exactly but he gives you odd looks when you see him. that guy right there, he will marry her and leave you looking like a dumb ass.

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