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She said: "I want to tell girls to just be aware that your address on Amazon wish lists is not secure."I always just assumed it would be safe but people can get access to it quite easily." Mia's pal, model and former X-Factor contestant Holly Pearl, says she had a similar experience.

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"I had to flee to my friend's house for a couple of days.

He even sent me a package containing Tramadol and weed.

"I said to him 'listen baby, I really appreciate the gifts but I haven't got the time to give you the attention you need'.

Although it can be tempting, those threatened by these types of scam should not pay the ransom.“Do not pay the ransom,” CERT NZ cautions.“It can be tempting to pay money to make the problem go away.

In similar cases overseas, the scammers continue to ask for more money once the first ransom is paid.“Do not contact the scammers.

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