Britney gastineau dating

Though Larsa signed a prenup before the marriage in 1997, she said the couple signed a Revocation of Prenuptial Agreement in 2015The documents also reveal he wants to relocate the children to Chicago, something Larsa said she was against in her filings.

Scottie also wants to avoid making any alimony payments to his estranged wife, 'including permanent, rehabilitative, durational, bridge-the-gap or lump sum'.

Sources close to the reality star say the former Chicago Bulls player, 51, has seized control of the family accounts and is denying her access to cash.

In April, Kylie started seeing Travis Scott, because apparently she has a type and that type is D-list rappers.

Scottie is now demanding it be enforced, as well as asking for shared custody of the couple's four children and a 'greater share' of the couple's marital assets.

Court documents obtained by Daily reveal Scottie is asking to not pay alimony.

Kourtney Kardashian has been funding her best friend Larsa Pippen after she was 'stranded' financially by her estranged husband.

Larsa and Scottie split in October and he filed to keep the majority of their marital assets 'Kourtney [Kardashian] has been looking after her and making sure she's all right, and providing for her in between.'There's a lot of back and forth with regards to the money.

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