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An immigration judge set for October 25 as the date to review her case.

The woman, seven months pregnant, will be deported as soon as possible to avoid having a child in the American union, the arrested confessed the plan.

Consider that Strata itself has dropped the " Hadoop World" submoniker and that vendors, almost unanimously, have ceased making explicit reference to Hadoop, as well.

The term that has replaced the "H word" is "data lake." But make no mistake, that term is a mere euphemism for a collection of data stored in HDFS (the Hadoop Distributed File System) or in cloud object storage like AWS (Amazon Web Services) Simple Storage System (S3), Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Store.

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Moments later she confessed to customs inspectors that she was the daughter of el Chaparro, that had altered the name in the Mexican passport, and that had obtained a fake visa to travel to L. She indicated that once in the city she planned to give birth and meet with the father of their son. Vanegas' testimony was presented in the court by another agent representative, Elizabeth Rangel, of CBP.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an investigation that has not been made public.

Border inspectors interviewed Guzmán Salazar for about a half-hour, during which time she volunteered that Guzmán was her father and that she was six months pregnant, the official said.

This statement was filed Monday as evidence in federal court in San Diego, when Guzman was presented.

There were no reports of this hearing to the press.

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