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Say exactly what you said before." Emily said holding the tape recorder out."This is ridiculous." Richard said."I agree. " Emily snapped following him downstairs."Wha...." Richard said finally spotting Lorelai, Charlotte and Rory."What? And part of you working here is wearing proper work attire. And she's been so down lately because of her fighting with Grandpa. "I will probably be stuck with some snobby rich boy that Grandma picks out for me. " He raised his eyebrows."We stupidly told our Grandma we would take part in this stupid debutante ball and I've been regretting it ever since." Charlotte grumbled."Why? " Charlotte asked."Why did you agree to do it if you don't want to? " Rory grinned rushing back to the house."This is new." Lorelai commented gesturing to his car."Oh yeah. " Lorelai said."My mistake." Chris smirked."Hey I wasn't ready! "Part of the deal of you living here is that you work here. We both saw the look on Grandma's face when we agreed. You've got a boyfriend who will do anything for you including dressing up in a tux and then you'll have someone to hang out with." Charlotte pointed out. " Jess smirked."No, we're coming out." Rory grinned."Coming out? I dread to think who Grandma will choose for me." She groaned."I'm sure whoever it is, it won't be that bad. " Rory said excitedly taking the dictionary."Thanks! She was definitely in need of a new sketchbook."Sorry Lor, I didn't get you anything." Chris smirked as Lorelai joined them."I'll live." Lorelai joked."I'm going to start looking up some words! It's got four wheels and everything." Lorelai exclaimed."Really? You just need a strong male lead and then any woman can do it. He pulled Lorelai towards him who stumbled into him."Hey! A few minutes later, Lorelai found them at a table already halfway through their burgers. " She smiled sitting down with them."Your burger's coming." Rory said."Great thanks! " Charlotte said."But having dad around was nice." Rory smiled."Yeah it was." Charlotte agreed. " She said."Yeah I know." Lorelai said."He seems happy which is nice, right? I left behind a glass slipper and a business card in case the prince is really dumb." Lorelai joked."Good and desperate thinking." Luke said."Thanks! You just go over there and clean off that table, ok? You do not exist." Luke said."Ok." Jess said going over to the table. I don't even know if he likes me like that.""Ok." Rory said."If there's any update on that, you'll be the first to know ok? " Charlotte rolled her eyes, as they entered the diner. " She asked."Well the fan dance was humiliating." Rory said."Agreed! Have your little joke, it doesn't bother me at all. But Charlotte seems to like him and if we interfere or say she can't hang out with him, she'd hate us. Let's just hope she grows tired of him and stops hanging out with him.""You know Jess doesn't have to do this for me." A voice said from behind them. "Charlotte..." Lorelai said guiltily."He didn't have to offer to do this for me. He didn't have to do this but he offered because Charlotte was dreading it.""Look I don't know the guy so I'll just follow your lead." Chris said. " Lorelai asked."Shut up." Charlotte said as she went to sit next to Jess at a table at the side of the dancefloor the following day. It may not seem like it right now but I'm sure she does." He said. "Thanks." She said quietly."Come on, let's show them how it's done." Jess smirked twirling her out."What are you doing? " Rory said as the six of them were walking towards Luke's."Ha! " Chris asked."Yeah, Libby said it was a shame you were my real dad because if you were my step dad, I could steal you away from mom." Rory grinned."Ok ew! At until after the ball's over." She admitted."Then that's what we'll do." Chris said." about this new job of yours? " Charlotte grinned."Nope, sorry." He smirked."Ah well, I guess I should give you a chance anyway." She joked taking his hand. "I'm sure your Grandma does appreciate you and Rory doing this for her. Charlotte grinned and followed his lead."So do you know you're considered a hot dad? We've got a teacher training day then so we could go early to the bookstore and then maybe grab some pizza for lunch or something? Luke wants me to help him close tonight and I will probably have to change because this would probably be too proper for work attire." Jess grumbled sarcastically. "You don't need to thank me.""I do." She said."Ok well I better get going." Jess said gesturing towards the diner."Oh right, yeah." Charlotte said. " She said."I didn't mean anything..." Lorelai tried."Look, I know you don't like Jess. So please, can you at least try and get on with him? " She said, before walking off."Busted." Chris said. "I can't believe she heard us." She cringed."Should we go talk to her? "See you.""Bye." Rory smiled."Yeah I'm going to go too. I do appreciate it.""Well three hours looking at books and making you pay for however many I want will make it worth it." He smirked."Jess..." Charlotte rolled her eyes."It's cool." He said.

:) I really do appreciate all your support so thank you! Dad has to go back to the house to do some work but mom said she'll meet us at Luke's and to order her a burger." She said."Cool." Charlotte said. " She asked."It wasn't actually as bad as I thought it was going to be." Rory said."Yeah I know what you mean." Charlotte said."You seemed to be having fun with Jess..." Rory said."Oh not you as well! "Shut up." She muttered but couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face and she continued eating her burger. Please keep your reviews coming as I really love reading what you think! I was just saying you looked like you had fun with him." Rory said."Yeah...well, he makes me laugh." She shrugged."Do you like him? Charlotte took her gaze back to her mom and Rory, the latter giving her a knowing smirk. I enjoy hanging out with him and he makes me laugh. "Ok.""God you're so like mom sometimes, it's scary! " Luke asked going up to him."Working." He said."So you think this is funny, do you? I thought this was the uniform." Jess said."Ok, you know what, that's fine. ""Jess..." She said gesturing to where Jess were cleaning off the counter in one of Luke's flannel shirts and baseball caps."What are you doing?

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