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This process can take up to 6 months and therefore we tend to only suggest this as a last resort. Do you have any other points that clients should consider?

and therefore it is often advised that if we consider there to be an option for permitted development and a certificate of lawfulness, the council is approached before an application is made. This is unfortunately a question which does not have a simple or direct answer.

This can be quite common and provided these changes can be made, we are normally able to mitigate the majority of concerns before a decision is given.

The whole process from start to finish takes approximately 14-16 weeks. What happens if planning consent is not given first time?

However, if the local context or the layout of the site does not permit this, then one should not force such a design.

It is also advised that the context of the site is properly reviewed before considerations are made on the best approach. From a planning point of view, what are the general points that favour a garden annex - i.e., not having road access to the garden, size of annex relative to the house, etc.?

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