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Those and so many other things went through my head."Well, whenever you are ready, you can always talk to me." "I think I'm ready." She looked right into my eyes and told me, "Daddy, I'm a grown woman now.I had never intentionally looked at her in a sexual way, although I have to admit, thoughts did slip in and out of my mind when she would be sun-bathing in the yard, I am a guy.

Compared to all her friends now though, she is the number one stunner, although I may be a little biased.Her flat tone tummy (not a six-pack or anything, but firm) melted right into her beautiful bubble butt and long, smooth, slightly tanned legs."Hey sweetheart," I said as I came out on the patio, "just taking it easy today?My wife and I hadn't seen too much of her in the past four years except for holidays and a few weeks out of her summer breaks.It was a lazy Saturday and I saw her relaxing in a lounge chair with a lemonade on our patio and figured I'd join her.

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