Chatroulette lie sex

In between the poles of what one can only assume are the C. and Girton girls who can’t afford a taxi home, a solid 28% of us have one-night stands at least once-a-term and over half of us admit to at least one a year.In what I reckon to be the most shocking set of statistics in the whole survey, an impressive (I mean, immoral) 46% of Cambridge students have had special mummy-daddy cuddles with 2 or more different partners in a week, almost a fifth of us have gone one better and had 3 or more partners, and an energetic 3 and a bit per cent sub-sextion of lotharios and lotharihoes claim to have had 5 or more partners.Indeed, this insatiable appetite for ‘inserting the euphemism’ is apparently a greater desire than our yearning for good grades, with 76% of us preferring first class sex to a first class essay, begging the question of why the fuck we didn’t all just apply to Leeds or Essex and spend three years banging girls called Stacie who.

You made my job of analysing reams and reams of sordid data that much more difficult by making me giggle while I was trying to masturbate.Another thing that stuck me as I spoke to Andrey was how similar his story sounds to that of an old friend of mine, Alex Tew.Alex, for those with short memories, was the kid who – while still at university – built the Million Dollar Homepage, and in doing so was feted as the web’s biggest marketing genius.Andrey was clear: “I don’t like connecting third parties” he said, citing the fact that many Chatroulette users would like to keep in touch with their new friends while retaining the anonymity the service affords them.Given the general Silicon Valley obsession with openness and the decentralisation of the social graph, Andrey’s plan to build walls and lock users in, ostensibly for their own protection, seems odd. It’ll be interesting to see if VCs in the Valley agree.

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