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See more tips on getting enough sleep as a new parent.If your partner tensely asks you to take the screaming baby after just a few minutes, you may struggle not to let loose with a few screams yourself.One woman in the US is going viral after she live-tweeted an argument she overheard between a couple while waiting for a flight in the airport.Kimber Dowsett, who goes by the username @mzbat on Twitter, began documenting the conversation of the two strangers when they began arguing about finances."No one can say who's more tired, because neither of you really knows.

"My wife would come home from work and immediately begin marching around the place, picking things up."As soon as our son needs something or starts crying, my husband hands him off to me," says one mom."He'll only spend time with him when the baby's happy." Keep the peace: Remind yourself that your partner isn't necessarily trying to shirk baby duty. But it's kind of hard when she's screeching as though I'm the devil." Work with your partner to develop routines with your baby.But sometimes, just sometimes, we can learn some pretty interesting things when given this glimpse into the lives of strangers.Plus, it’s the holiday season and we all need a little extra boost in staying entertained and happy, right?

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