Cosmogenic nuclide burial dating

Volcanism in the North Atlantic, from breakup to current time The opening of the North Atlantic Ocean is a geological event that occurred over millions of years, during which the supercontinent Pangea broke up.As modern-day Europe (Eurasian plate) and North America (North American Plate) separated during the final breakup of Pangea in the early Cenozoic Era.Final Registration Participants must register at the registration desk upon arrival at the Meeting venue (Technical University of Denmark).Please remember to bring your confirmation of registration (all registrants) and valid student ID (only student registrants) Meeting Secretariat NGWM 2018 c/o DIS Congress Service Herlev Ringvej 2C DK-2730 Herlev Denmark Telephone: 45 4492 4492 Telefax: 45 4492 5050 E-mail: participants [at] discongress [dot] com Confirmation An official confirmation of registration will be e-mailed to the participant upon receipt of registration fees.This session aims at presenting new observations and results on; the formation of lips, on mass extinction intervals, and on the possible causal relationships between lips and associated environmental changes.This may include stratigraphic and proxy records of mass extinction, documentation of the petrology, chronology and geophysics of lips, petrogenetic processes, links to modern plume related volcanism, and modelling.- Registration at Geocenter Copenhagen at Øster Voldgade 10, 1350 (Central Copenhagen) - Geology Walking Tour around Copenhagen for registered participants (meeting point at Institute for Geoscience at Øster Voldgade 10, 1350) Groundwater transport in cold, changing climates: theory, experiments, models Groundwater – surface water interaction; chemical and quantitative impacts on rivers, lakes, wetlands, fjords and coastal areas.

Cancellation of participation (a written request is mandatory) Pre-registered participants who are unable to attend the meeting will have their paid fees reimbursed less a processing fee of DKK 400 provided written notice of non-attendance is received by the Meeting Secretariat before 10 December 2017. If cancellation is made after this date no refund of the fee can be expected.

We welcome studies of the temporal and spatial evolution of mantle plumes in terms of composition, temperature, sources, magma chamber processes and surface expressions.

We also encourage contributions addressing mantle metasomatism, the interaction between asthenospheric melts and lithospheric mantle and the tectonic processes triggering intraplate magmatism.

Others: Anette Petersen Organizing Committee You can pick up your conference material (incl.

Education, communication, preservation, geoheritage.: Anette Petersen 18.

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