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Here’s how to follow Pereira’s lead and never settle for an idea that’s merely good enough.And for more insight into the minds of super-successful people, be sure to check the 5 Ways Billionaires Think Differently Than Most People.And this one, in fact, turned out to be a winner (he can’t reveal it just yet.) “You need a feeling of safety within your team, to say what you think is stupid,” he says.Pereira & O’Dell has employees from at least 10 countries, and that’s no accident: Brazilian-born Pereira believes a diverse group brings diverse ideas.“When you’re searching for a creative solution, it’s important to think deeply for a long time,” he says.

Fold 2 wider corn husk strips in half, and wrap together at ends with a third strip to form a bow; hot-glue in place.Liberated from stale material, the team went on to develop The Beauty Inside, a video series about a man who wakes up every day in a different body.It was a viral hit, with fans cast in the starring role, and it won three major prizes at the ad industry’s version of the Oscars, in Cannes.First, hollow out tall white pumpkin from top (make hole smaller than opening of funnel). Cut pupils, nose, and ears from 36-gauge foil sheet roll; hot-glue in place. Cut and curl collar around vessel; place funnel on top for hat. Cut patches from burlap and attach with small masking tape strips.With a melon baller, scoop out two eyes from a butternut squash; reserve. This wide-eyed brood is made by adding a variety of radish and turnip peppers to shapely gourds. Carve eyes, then hot-glue 2 black jelly beans as pupils. For hair, dip dried corn husks (from a grocery store) in a bowl of water and lay them out.

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