Damian and lindsey dating

Eventually, John gave in to Jill's charms and they began dating.

Although Jack tried to destroy that relationship by revealing that Jill had a young son, Phillip, John and Jill were married.

Once John recovered, he filed for divorce, and threw Jack out of the house and Jabot.

Jack Abbott and Victor Newman have always been bitter rivals in love and business.

Jack admitted how cruel he had been to her, and begged her to shoot him instead. One of the bullets left Jack paralyzed, but he eventually recovered after surgery.

Patty's father Carl was the detective working the case, and was convinced that Jill had been the shooter.

After Andy and Jill had a fight, Jack followed her to a remote cabin where they were stranded during a heavy snowstorm.

To get close to her and impress his father, Jack went to work there too.

But Jill had set her sights on John, who was so impressed with her, he promoted her quickly.

(father, deceased) unknown name (grandmother; deceased) Robert Abbott (grandfather; deceased) Ashley Abbott (half-sister, daughter of Dina and Brent) Traci Abbott (sister) Billy Abbott (half-brother; son of John and Jill) Colleen Carlton (niece; daughter of Traci; deceased) Abby Newman (niece; daughter of Ashley) Robert Carlton (nephew; son of Ashley; deceased) Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott (niece; deceased daughter of Billy) Faith Colleen Newman (niece; daughter of Ashley; miscarriage) John "Johnny" Abbott (nephew; son of Billy) Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman (niece and goddaughter; daughter of Billy and Victoria) Miscarriage with Patty in 1983 Miscarriage with Jill in 1984 (may have been John's) Keemo Volien Abbott (son; with Luan) Miscarriage 1992; with Nikki Miscarriage 1993; with Nikki John Abbott III (son with Nikki 1993; deceased shortly after birth; heart was given to baby named Jack Cook) Kyle Jenkins Abbott (son born 2001; with Diane; artificial insemination) Miscarriage with Phyllis 2001 Connor Adam Newman (godson) "Mai Yun" (Luan) (deceased) (lovers) Peggy Brooks (dated) Gina Roma (dated) Jill Abbott (lovers) Diane Jenkins (deceased) (engagement broken) (lovers) Patty Williams (lovers) Jill Abbott (lovers) Nikki Reed Newman (lovers) Ellen Winters (dated) Nikki Reed Newman (lovers) Brittany Norman (lovers) Lauren Fenmore (lovers) Leanna "Love" Randolph (lovers) Mari Jo Mason (engagement broken 1996) (lovers) Luan Volien (deceased: 1996) (lovers) Diane Jenkins (engagement broken 1997) (deceased Aug 1, 2011) (lovers) Phyllis Summers (lovers) Jill Abbott (lovers) Carmen Mesta (deceased) (dated) Sharon Newman (lovers) Mary Jane Benson (lovers) Dr.

Emily Peterson (engagement broken Aug 2010) (lovers) Skye Lockhart Newman (deceased: Dec 29, 2010) (lovers) Phyllis Summers (lovers) Genevieve Atkinson (engagement broken, 2012) (lovers) Nikki Newman (lovers) Phyllis Summers (lovers 2013, 2015, engagement broken Kelly Andrews (lovers 2014) Gloria Bardwell (lovers 2017) Paralyzed after being shot by Patty Williams [1983]; ambulatory again after surgery Testicular cancer scare in 2000 tested negative Paralyzed after being shot by Patty Williams, and lacerated kidney; regained ability to walk again after months of physical therapy; later had the bullet removed [2012] Drug abuse of Oxydycone after his back surgery; detoxed [2012] Injured and cardiac arrest in cave-in of The Underground bar [2015] Shot by Victor Newman, ended up in a coma [Jul 2015] Convicted of shooting Jill - performed community service restitution at a homeless shelter, was later exonerated Left Victor Newman for dead after a verbal fight caused Victor to collapse, but reconsidered and returned to save him later Altered spreadsheets, which led to the takeover of Newman Enterprises by Jack and Brad Carlton - was never charged Tricked John Abbott into writing a will cutting his wife Gloria out of an inheritance - was exposed by Gloria and judge ruled she got half, including Abbott Manor After being forbidden to own Jabot by a lawsuit settlement, he arranged for Ji Min Kim to buy it for him, so he secretly owned Jabot, until he sold it at a loss to Katherine Chancellor Conspired with Adam to write a fake diary where Victor confessed to the murder of Walter Palin - never caught Arrested for obstruction of justice in the Diane Jenkins murder case; detained in jail and released later that day; charges were dropped a few days later Participated in cover-up with Adam to dispose of the body of a dead prostitute from his house; was not prosecuted since he was not responsible for her death May have killed Kelly Andrews in self defense; D. chose not to prosecute Playboy Jack Abbott began pursuing Jill Foster who had just gone to work for his father Johns company, Jabot Cosmetics.

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