Dating a featherweight sewing machine

Singer Model 221 and 222 Featherweight Sewing Machines are considered the perfect vintage portable sewing machines by antique collectors, quilters and seamstresses.These vintage sewing machines are a hot item for both buyers and sellers and refurbished, working machines in good condition are selling for 0 to 0 online.** The black guide is ideal for the original black machines whereas the clear guide helps the beauty of the white, tan or specialty-colored Featherweights shine through...

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I want to help owners preserve their Singer Featherweight sewing machines and keep them sewing for generations to come through education and providing quality parts, products and services for their machines. While the majority of early 20th century, vintage Singer sewing machines are valuable as decorative items only, the early Singer models mentioned above still hold value as collectible antiques.The good thing about restoring a Singer sewing machine is that the company is still around and replacement parts for antique Singer sewing machines are still available through the company.The Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide was made exclusively for the Singer Featherweight Shop.We love the gold filigrees to match the old celtic knot decals -- wouldn't you agree that it's as cute as can be!?!

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