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Stan spent the following weeks plagued by insomnia and guilt, cloistered in the lab in an attempt to turn the portal on and bring Ford back again, only to realize it was hopeless without the other two journals.

Upon venturing into town once the food ran out, Stan discovered the locals were curious about Ford's house, and even willing to pay for a look, which prompted him to open it up for tours, building fanciful faux-paranormal props when Ford's inventions failed to garner interest.

He once stole a collection of cursed wax figures from a local garage sale for this purpose, which became the Shack's Wax Museum of Mystery and was a huge success until Stan inadvertently forgot its existence.

Edwin Durland was hired as a handyman for the Mystery Shack during this time; after firing him for his seeming incompetence, Stan caught sight of 12-year-old Soos Ramirez holding a screwdriver and offered him the job on the spot.

Stan is emotionally affected by this (he calls the cops over the 'murder' and puts together an elaborate funeral for the wax figure), as having someone (or something) who looked like him beheaded brings back unconfortable memories of the loss of Ford .

After failing to find the culprit, the twins, Soos and the wax figures attend Wax Stan's funeral, which is officiated by Stan; he is eventually overcome with emotion and leaves the room, with Soos close behind.

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Ford then revealed his underground laboratory and the Universe Portal to his brother, vaguely explaining that its powers were too dangerous and that he needed Stan to take one of Ford's journals, which contained information as to its operation, and go as far away as possible, to protect them from falling into the wrong hands.Furious that Ford had only summoned him to send him away again, Stan initiated an argument and prepared to burn the book to spite Ford, causing a fistfight between the two.During the brawl, which caused Stan to burn his back on one of the symbols in the machinery, the device was inadvertently activated, and Stan unintentionally pushed his brother into the portal's range, sending Ford through the dimensional rift before its immediate shutdown from lack of fuel.Finding his own fishing buddies around the lake doesn't turn out well for Stan, since everyone thinks his jokes are annoying or creepy to the point of earning him a tracking anklet from the lake police.Despite the bad day, the twins eventually return and join him in fishing for the rest of the day.

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