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At her insistence, and the urging of other Tucker residents, town officials had scheduled the gathering in the recreation center.

Booth already had contacted the State of Georgia and the Federal Communications Commission and just about everyone she could think of to no avail. While it has been working to reduce complaints lodged by its long-suffering cable customers, complaints have zoomed for its internet service, threatening to undo progress in what is now a business line with more subscribers and revenue growth.

Lord Gary Porter, chair of the Local Government Association (LGA), said local authorities must be “at the front of the queue” with easing austerity, saying that if they don’t get help, street lights, libraries and other core services will cease to be provided.

Speaking to Channel 4 News during a meeting of town leaders in Birmingham on Tuesday, he said: “On the basis that the Government have now said or appear to have conceded that austerity has come to an end, we want them to make sure that because we were in the front of the queue to start with, we need to be in the front of the queue when it ends.” When asked what would happen if local councils didn’t receive help, he warned: “We won’t be cleaning the streets we won’t be cutting the grass, we won’t be putting street lights on at all, your libraries will go, your potholes won’t get filled up.

This is part of the rollback of Obama-era “net neutrality” rules that classified the internet as a utility.

The new head of the FCC, Ajit Pai, believes the internet should be reclassified back as an information service, as it had been for years. and Time Warner Cable in February for a “systematic scheme” to defraud subscribers by promising internet service “it knew it could not and would not deliver.” Charter and Time Warner Cable, which merged in May 2016, vowed to fight the suit.

Frightened of her internet going dark again, Booth has purchased as backup AT&T residential internet service and a portable internet hot spot through Verizon — which costs her business more.

Comcast works directly with customers to resolve concerns before they reach the FCC, she said.

Comcast also prevents some common issues by including self-install kits, redesigned bill statements, and technician scheduling improvements. I like our focus on customer service.” At the same time, though, demands for more capacity are constantly increasing, Herrin said.

She said Comcast had told her the consistent internet outages over months was a result of a “bad line.” “We consider it fixed because it works most of the time,” she said last week, noting that she recently had the Comcast guy out again for a fluttering internet. “The government,” she said, “would never let me go without electricity for six months.

There will be no streetlights or libraries left in Britain by 2020 if the Government doesn't relax austerity for local councils, the Conservative local government chief has warned.

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