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The early history of the Coptic Church is marked by a number of important and influential figures who had a lasting impact on Christian thought and practice (Frend, 1981).

Among this group can be included Sts Athanasius, Anthony of the Desert and Cyril of Alexandria (Young, 1983).

CAIRO – 23 October 2017: A tombstone dating back to the Coptic era was discovered on Sunday during excavations carried out by the Egyptian archaeological mission headed by Yasser Mahmoud, announced Mostafa el Waziry, the secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

The tombstone was discovered in the western side of the Kebbash road of the rams under the Al Mathan Bridge.

The Coptic Orthodox Church represents one of the oldest continuing Christian traditions.

With its origins in the Alexandria of apostolic times, the church retains a presence in modern Egypt and the Egyptian diaspora.

Copts are an Episcopal Church with a sacramental priesthood.

Exploring Coptic Identity: This study Archbishop George Carey has noted that in the London area alone there are over thirty thousand Coptic Sunday school teachers (Watson, 2002)).

Coptic youth report high levels of both religious belief and affiliation and identification with the tradition (de Souza and Rymarz 2003).

He pointed out that the tombstone is in good condition and has been deposited in the museum store until preparations for the necessary examinations are complete.

The examinations will reveal the owner of the tombstone and determine the exact time period to which it dates back.

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