Dating corbina

• Ocean Park—Pompano fishing from the piers along Santa Monica bay today equaled the best record, at least in regard to the quantity of fish caught. There was a second run later in the day and although the piers were so crowded that it was hazardous to swing a pole, no one went away empty handed. —Los , May 25, 1908 • Playa del Rey—Hardly a foot of the wharf was unoccupied by some fisherman casting his line and reaping a harvest from the unusually fine run of pompano.

The number of large pompano was limited, but sizeable fish came in myriads, often chasing the bait to the surface as lines were drawn in. At one time the schools of pompano were broken up by a lot of yellowtail that came into feed on them. Everybody on the pier joined in the sport, nearly, and good baskets were the result in every instance.

• A five-pound corbina was caught at Huntington Beach Sunday and several were brought in which ran as high as three and a half pounds. Hebbard took fifty-eight yellowfin at sundown, ranging in size from one to four pounds.

Monday the largest corbina caught this season at Playa del Rey was taken off the beach below the new pier. Mc Kenzie, John Hebbard, Oscar Baer and two or three others took forty-eight surf and thirty-four yellowfin on the incoming tide. Smaller fish were thrown back into the ocean.— • Lands Seven-Pound Surf Fish At Venice — Venice, July 17.—Louis Miller, a waiter at the Ship café, today exhibited a surf fish which he caught here weighing seven pounds.

Good catches of herring, spot fin, yellow fin, surf fish or corbina, perch, king fish, halibut have been reported with several good-sized sharks also landed.

However, most of the favorites are still favorites with a couple of minor exceptions.As chronicled in the previous article there has been change to California’s piers and the fish from those piers during the past century.That article displayed the great changes that have taken place in the number and size of the larger species—yellowtail, white seabass, halibut, giant (black) sea bass, and sharks.• Redondo Beach, May 14.—Large schools of pompano are running at wharf No.1 during early hours of each day, and many large catches are reported…

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