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If a journal is paginated consecutively across a volume or if the month or season is included in the reference list entry, however, the issue number (or month or season) may be omitted (as in the second and third pairs of examples).

(Blair 1977, 331–32) For citations of journals consulted online, Chicago recommends the inclusion of a DOI or a URL; the DOI is preferred to a URL (see 14.5, 14.6).

“Sexting Legislation 2011.” National Conference of State Legislation.

“Citizen’s Guide to United States Federal Child Exploitation Laws.” Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, U.

In 1915 on the island Bastøy, located in the Oslo fjord, live a group of delinquent, young boys aged 11 to 18 in the Bastøy Boys Reform School.

The boys daily, sadistic regime is run by the guards and Governor Bestyreren (Stellan Skarsgård) who is stern but seemingly fair in his management of the reform school (his wife lives with him in an opulent manner).

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North American contributors to the journal and all those who are presenting papers at the annual meeting must be members of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study.

Echoing Frits Staal ("The Meaninglessness of Ritual," Numen 26:2–22, 1979), then, Glucklich claims that magic is therefore empty of meaning.

Dyrason Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia AB (P) 2002 Fat Cat Records See more » KING OF DEVIL' S ISLAND (Kongen av Bastøy) is an experience more than a film.

It dares to take the viewer where all is black and white, emotionally and visually, and while the film is shot in color, the only moment of color in this dark, atmospherically eerie snow bound island boys prison is the occasional blood and fire that creates even more of an impact because of the bleak screen that serves as background for the story.

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