Dating donkey

Russell Humphreys of the Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico, P. However, most scientific evidence (90% according to Humphreys) indicates an earth age much less than that, thereby lending support to the Biblical account of Creation.

It should be noted that the time periods or ages given below are The truthfulness of the Genesis account is being verified by the rediscovery of Noah's Ark, the Red Sea crossing site, and the real Mt. If these "previously held fables" have been proven accurate, then it lends credence to the Genesis account of Creation as well.

The first option seems the more reasonable of the two.

God spoke and the land (granites included) instantly formed.

In short, the theory of evolution states that lower life evolved over eons into higher life forms.

Many lower life forms (generally single cells or plants) are asexual, which is what one would expect if the theory of evolution had any validity.

If the evolutionary process was to continue however, we would expect the continuation of asexual characteristics or possibly hermaphroditic characteristics (i.e. Moreover, an evolving hermaphroditic creature should be able to self-fertilize itself.

The second at some later event (such as the Fall of Adam) at which time the death causing process of radioactivity on earth may have begun.

a horse mating with a donkey produces a sterile mule). Thirdly, their offspring would also have to be fertile and be able to continue the advance.

If animals of a given species mate and produce an abnormal offspring (i.e. Therefore, how could the macro evolutionary process advance? So if single celled animals formed in the primordial soup and they were asexual (not have either male or female characteristics, but reproducing by themselves, how would they advance to a hermaphroditic state (having both male and female sexual organs) and then to the higher orders of animals which almost always have distinct male and female reproductive organs? The Details: Evolution can only explain asexual or self-fertilizing hermaphroditic reproduction.

These halos are found by the trillions in all Precambrian granites, the foundation stones of the earth's crust.

More particularly they are found in biotite, the mica portion of the granite.

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