Dating flirt questions

Adorable questions to ask a guy related to the dating life are aplenty, and this one is pretty obvious, a guy can't miss the implications of it.

What kind of movie would you take a girl out on a date, or, a variant "What kind of movie would you take ME out on a date?

This comment lets him know that you think he is cool, as well as that you've been paying attention to his relationship status.

The truth, however, is that there are many different types of addiction from which men and women suffer every day.

Or, if he is too shy for that, it lets you ask yourself out as his date - depending on how bold you want to be.

Out of all the questions to ask a guy, he's most likely to answer questions about him - a little bit of narcissism is a streak that runs through us all, and this one is a compliment and a question at the same time.

" is a chance for you to ask him out, and gives you a chance to correct him if he's wrong!

If he gets it wrong, as a punishment, he may have to take you out to watch a movie you actually want to see!

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