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Ultimately, flirting is a game and here’s how to play.

We’ve split our advice to give you the best tactics for every circumstance.

They’ll be flattered that you’ve remembered what they’ve said and teasing can be a great part of flirting with someone. Make them laugh Obviously it’s not easy to be hilarious all the time but if you’re laughing together, it’s usually a pretty solid sign of flirting.

Up your wit and seek opportunities to say something funny.

Often women don’t even realize they’re doing it but intense eye contact followed by looking away indicates your interest. Cheeky advances that you can maybe get away with in your twenties are unfortunately just a bit strange in your fifties.

So men: steer clear of sexual innuendo and women, don’t wear really revealing clothing.

It also indicates your interest in her because you’re making the effort to treat her well.

Also using these gentlemanly gestures on strangers is sure to impress your date too.

When you do initiate contact, keep it short – for example if you’re laughing at a joke or teasing and then you touch their shoulder, this is an effective flirting technique.suggests that ‘Despite what you may have heard otherwise, playing hard to get seems to pay off if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.Research suggests that making yourself a little less available may lead others to think you’re more desirable.The other person will certainly notice the contact but it will be hidden within the conversation and seem much more natural. Smile and look happy This may sound odd but people who are constantly smiling and looking genuinely at ease in their surroundings, radiate attractiveness.Even before a date, a man or woman who looks like they’re having a great time just with their friends in a bar will draw the eyes of the opposite sex.

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