Dating for males without body hair

First, shaving chest hair seems to be the norm in the popular culture, at least for the hot guys.Look at the men on television, in the movies, and in ads.However, if you want to shave the back, you may need help. The prices aren’t too high, but it’s worth the investment. You should be doing this once every couple of weeks: Philips Norelco Body Groom 3100 Series (Electric) Bakblade (Wet razor) If you have the pain tolerance, I’d recommend you get your chest and back waxed a few times in the beginning. This will make shaving much easier and less time consuming later.

Second, shaving chest hair brings out your muscle tone.

However, recently many writers suggest that chest hair is coming back in style.

We still suggest shaving your chest hair if possible, or at least manicuring it.

Being totally covered with hair will get kisses from a hot girl, but only if you’re a cat or a dog. Yes, it’s pretty painful, especially the first time if your chest hair is especially thick. However, I’ll also use a body groomer to handle the back and other parts of the arm I can’t reach.

This is a good option if you don’t want to mess with shaving, hope to slow growth over the long haul, and you have a high pain tolerance. While I’m not very flexible I can generally do most of my back, chest, and arms myself.

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