Dating game riddle

Sheldon is worried that his page might be answered by a computer simulating a human, but Raj wonders if that would bother him. Sheldon insists at no one doesn't a better job of pretending to be a human than himself.As an alternative, Sheldon wants the women to battle for him in a battle of wits and for the winner to come through the door, sit down next to him and quietly watch Daredevil with him.Sheldon explains that she was late, and she found atomic spectroscopy boring.Finally, Amy is in her car with Dave at the end of her date and she ends things with him.

Sheldon is worried that it might be Jennifer Lawrence since he didn't like "The Hunger Games". Raj consoles with that when it is supposed to happen, it will happen.

To present Sheldon as a prize, they decide to set him up on Craigslist as a intelligent Caltech professor seeking a girlfriend and that she has to solve a series of puzzles to get his contact information.

Raj and Howard are actually jealous of those candidates who get to solve the puzzles and they already have seen the prize. Leonard thinks that they are going to see a documentary on soda can recycling, but Penny insists that they are going to meet up with Bernadette for their surveillance of Amy and her date.

The guy is British, named Dave (Stephen Merchant) and they are going that night to an Italian restaurant.

Amy asks if Penny has any high heel shoes with higher heels than the ones she was trying on.

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