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However I managed to convince her that all her fears were baseless. The next morning was a weekend and I woke up with Hina's nude body on top of me.

She was in a very horny mood and she pretty much raped me right there in bed.

We met each other at the local mall and he was as his pictures.

We sat down for coffee and he seemed like a pleasant, nice and educated gentleman.

To me this was encouraging and the rest of the day I could not concentrate on my work.

Over the next few days I would often bring up the topic to her but she would shy away.

She would normally say ok we shall see but would not elaborate more.Nevertheless, the massage experience had been well over a year ago and our lives since then had returned pretty much to the normal, I busy with work and her busy with family.We had sex once or twice a week but nothing out of the ordinary.To my surprise, she got even more passionate and we had some of the best sex in a while.The next morning while getting ready for work, I asked her what she thought of my fantasy and she gave me that shy smile again.

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