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However, the knowledge base on IPV has been generated by investigators in a diverse range of fields, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, criminal justice, family studies, feminist studies, and the health sciences.

Findings from these fields will be drawn upon as needed to describe the prevalence of IPV, its distribution across major racial/ethnic and economic groups, and the neighborhood and societal factors that promote or protect against its occurrence.

Child abuse and postpartum abuse of the mother by her partner have been strongly correlated with lack of social support, recent life stressors, psychiatric disturbance in the mother, and unwanted pregnancy.

Of all female murder victims, the proportion killed by an intimate acquaintance declined slightly until 1995, when the proportion began to increase (most reports indicate that the rate has been stabilizing in recent years).

Notwithstanding the physical injuries suffered during violent intimate-partner relationships, there is also a significant financial burden placed upon families.

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Yet violence perpetrated by an intimate partner or ex-partner is essentially a violation of human rights and a preventable psychosocial issue that needs to be addressed through social and educational policies.

is more substantially reduced with BCT versus individual alcoholism treatment.

In addition, studies have examined the relative degree of partner violence among couples with alcoholism who receive BCT in comparison to case-matched community couples where neither member exhibits a substance use problem.

True prevalence and incidence of the condition is therefore difficult to estimate.

Further complicating the issue have been variations in study populations and a general inability of researchers to consistently define who constitutes an intimate partner and what constitutes a violent or abusive act.

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